Parents’ Page

In our school, we value the input of parents as we feel they are the primary educators of their children.  There are many events arranged throughout the year where parents and extended family members are invited into the school. We love to see new faces at all our events.

Parents’ Association

We are very fortunate to have an active Parents’ Association who organise many activities for parents along with fundraising for the school.

Committee for 2017/2018:

Chairperson – Jayne Edmondson

Secretary -Jolene Keating

Treasurer -Olivia McHugh


Home School Community Liaison Teacher (HSCL)

We are also extremely fortunate to have access to a HSCL teacher, Ms Laura Murphy. Ms Murphy regularly organises courses for parents and fun events as well as opportunities for parents to come into the classroom. Some of these activities include:

  • Zumba
  • First Aid
  • Christmas baking and cake decorating
  • Maths for Fun

Ms Murphy is available to provide support for parents in relation to the education system, the school and the education of your child.


Communication with Parents

There are regular updates sent to parents and guardians from the school, through a combination of emails, notes/newsletters and text messages. Please check your child’s schoolbag regularly as it might contain important notes or consent forms.

The school also uses a text message service to inform parents/guardians of upcoming events and emergency closures etc. Please ensure that the school has one current mobile phone number at all times to ensure that you receive these important messages. If you change that number, please inform the school secretary immediately.

Please do not hesitate to approach the teacher if you are anxious about an issue relating to your child. However, if you wish to have a more detailed discussion please make an appointment through the school secretary.